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Dino Prašo

Lead Software Engineer @Atlantbh

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Software Development

Our flexible delivery model allows us to match the unique requirements of each customer; be it to supplement their in-house resources or to provide a complete service, from product concept and design services to a completely developed solution. This is particularly attractive for companies or projects with significant application domain knowledge but limited software development expertise or resources. We also have significant experience working for large companies with complex management structures and multiple stakeholders.


Technology stack

We are specialized in a wide range of technological solutions relating to software development. While we mainly work with the following technology stack, our expertise is more far-reaching.

What we do

We provide software development resources and expertise to support business growth and transformation initiatives. Whether you need us to take over the entire pipeline of your development project, or only a part, we ensure high-quality solutions, flexibility, and transparency throughout our partnership.

  • Full-stack development
  • Supporting existing software
  • New application development
  • QA Process and management
  • Application support

How we do it

Minimize management efforts by expanding your software development capabilities with Atlantbh.


Autonomous Teams

We provide an autonomous team managed by a dedicated Product Owner who regularly reports to you and consults on all important decisions in the project, providing transparency and flexibility.

Tech Talent Breakdown

Our teams include experienced software and QA engineers, maintaining an optimal ratio of developers to QA throughout the development process. Teams also include DevOps engineers, Scrum masters and other Tech talents when needed.

Size Matters

We can accommodate any team size, starting small and growing steadily based on project needs.

Blogs and Success Stories

Software DevelopmentTech Bites
June 21, 2022

Bridge pattern in Java

Design patterns are proven solutions for common problems that occur during software design. They provide a description or a template for how to solve such problems. The Gang of Four (GoF) design patterns are considered to be the foundation of all other patterns. Bridge pattern is a structural pattern that…
Sealed Classes and Interfaces in JavaSoftware DevelopmentTech Bites
June 15, 2022

Sealed Classes and Interfaces in Java

What are they? Sealed classes and interfaces solve a unique problem that developers have been facing while trying to model real-world data using class hierarchies. As you know, with the concept of inheritance, all Java classes (that are not marked final) can be extended by any class to which they…
Java Concurrent package overviewSoftware DevelopmentTech Bites
June 14, 2022

Java Concurrent package overview

Introduction Concurrency happens in a program when more than one process appears to be running at the same time. It enables a program to achieve high performance and throughput by utilizing the capabilities of the underlying operating system and machine. As this concept has improved the execution of systems, it…

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