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Armin Begović

Senior UX/UI Designer @ Atlantbh

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UX/UI Design

Our design process is guided by human-centered design principles and it enables us to design transformative user experiences for your existing or new digital products. Working as a part of the development team or standalone, we use our expertise to build engaging products that are intuitive and easy to use. By starting with you and your user’s needs, we are able to develop the optimal practices for research, strategy, and other design processes in order to produce the best possible handoff-ready outcome for the development teams.



We offer custom-tailored solutions within a timeline, using the agile methodology, but providing flexibility where necessary.

Design Toolkit

We mostly spend our time working in Figma, for everything literally. But we are also familiar with and sometimes work with Sketch, Zeplin and Adobe CC.

How we do it

Utilizing a systematic way of being creative, we ensure fast delivery and high quality of our solutions.


Analysis & Research

People are the focal point of our work - we are always designing solutions for people first. This means we need to start the design process with multiple interview sessions with the stakeholders, thorough user research and a market/competition analysis before the complex business demands can be tackled.

Atomic Design

We love being well organized and we always strive to learn as we build, through inspiration, ideation and implementation. We do this by applying the atomic design methodology to create beautifully structured user interface design systems. This means that each design process starts from the smallest units (atoms) we use as foundational building blocks for more complex interfaces. Having the interface broken down like this enables us to have a more productive designer-developer collaboration, resulting in faster updates, revisions, and prototypes. In combination with the superb knowledge of the design toolkit, this approach enables us to build a flexible but highly functional design that is proven to save time and resources in the further stages of the development process.

Design Testing

Alongside the analysis, research, and designing phase, we also go through multiple usability testing cycles. We believe that the best way to validate the ease of use of a product and the overall user experience is by constant testing and evaluation.


As we finalize the design process by following these steps, we can guarantee a smooth handoff and a seamless follow-up collaboration with the development team.

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August 23, 2022

User Experience Psychology

User experience psychology (UX design psychology) is about understanding the behaviors of the people whose problems you're trying to solve and designing the user experience to align with those human behaviors. "A designer who doesn't understand human psychologies is going to be no more successful than an architect who doesn't understand physics," —…
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June 16, 2022

Design review in Product Development

I will be talking about the importance of both UX and UI Design Review in Product development and using Figma as a tool for smooth design hand-off to developers. So, let's start! UX design review UX Review is a professional analysis using usability research methods to make sure that you…
April 12, 2022

Designer-developer collaboration in agile

When I first started working at Atlantbh, the major challenge I faced as a UX/UI designer in the software development process was the use of the agile methodology. My work did not end with the design handoff to the development team. The real call for problem-solving for me was when…

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