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Esena Gušić

Product Manager @Atlantbh

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Full solution - tailored to your needs

Our main goal is to provide you with end-to-end software development services catered to your business needs. We can start small, by partnering on a smaller project or providing a smaller team for an existing product and grow based on your requirements. From idea conceptualization to proof of concept and product implementation, we work with you throughout the product lifecycle producing a full software solution.
As your trust in us increases so can our partnership.

software development


Software Development

Our flexible delivery model allows us to match the unique requirements of each customer; be it to supplement their in-house resources or to provide a total service, from product concept and design services to a complete solution.


Quality Assurance

We provide well-established and proven QA processes.Our QA engineers implement various manual/automated controls/gates to prevent major issues from slipping through the UAT/Production environments and ensure that any existing issues don’t happen again in the later stages of delivery of the end product.


Big Data

We are able to integrate with existing systems or develop green-field solutions based on open source or Cloud services. We have years of experience in integrating traditional ETL-based enterprise systems with new Big Data technologies while maintaining flexibility and transparency to limit disruption.


Data Analytics

We help you turn raw data, delivered in various formats and knowledge domains, into meaningful insights. Our Analysts will take into account your specific business requirements and goals, ensuring we provide you with the best possible solutions based on your data set.

Data Science


Data Science

We provide full-service Artificial Intelligence, conventional Machine Learning & Deep Learning development, as well as expertise in all the latest Data Science trends. Using expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) we can help your business understand all kinds of unstructured data and give you insights into what your data can tell you.


UX/UI Design

Our design process is guided by human-centered design principles and it enables us to design transformative user experiences for your existing or new digital products. Working as a part of the development team or standalone, we use our expertise to build engaging products that are intuitive and easy to use.


Agile Product Management

Our Product Management team is able to provide ideas for new products or services and suggest improvements to existing ones. From conceptualization to design and development, we can turn your concept into a working prototype within a short period of time.


Product Design

In our ideation and design sprint workshops, we get the creative process moving and develop new ideas and innovative solutions. Using various methods and tools such as personas and customer journeys, we are able to determine your end-users needs and create prototypes of the desired service, enabling you to test your idea prior to development.


Cloud and On-premises DevOps

Our experienced engineers can help you and assist in setting up your application stacks and infrastructure, following up on widely accepted and the most recent DevOps practices. Whether you are encouraging Cloud as a solution or prefer (own) On-premises infrastructure, we’re equally good at both sides in delivering what’s the best for you.


While many software development companies promise to be a strategic partner, Atlantbh actually delivers as a real strategic partner from initial POC project to a long-term relationship.

Pat DivillyCEO of MarketWare International

With their great attitude and passion, Atlantbh often went above and beyond our contractual agreements to meet aggressive deadlines and high quality standards.

Clifford FoxSenior Vice President of NOKIA/HERE

Working with Atlantbh has been a great experience. They have been highly professional, providing excellent skills for software development, testing and program management.

Rich PelavinCo-Founder and CTO at Reactor 8

Today we don’t consider Atlantbh to be just a software contracting company who do our application development, they are key strategic partners of Teamer.

Steve MoultonCTO of Teamer

Atlantbh helped us deliver large-scale web applications by providing a broad range of software product development services, such as: product concept and design, full stack software engineering and production system support.

Marc StoffelCEO of Umantis

Having gone through several development firms prior to Atlantbh, we wanted someone who would evaluate the success of how well they owned the project. From the beginning, you will get honest and upfront communication, technical analysis, and project viability without selling you the moon. The professionalism, communications, and project delivery have been second to none. You will not regret choosing Atlantbh for any of your development needs.

Ajla DiglisicDirector of Operations – Transport at ShipEX

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