About the Client

Based in Switzerland, umantis AG was a pioneering European provider of talent management solutions before merging with the German Haufe group in 2003 to form Haufe-umantis AG. Since then, Haufe-umantis AG has established itself as a leading provider of HR process solutions that facilitates cooperation between the HR department, executives, and employees.

With that in mind, its product portfolio ranges from traditional HR tools to innovative online platforms that aid in creating collaborative work environments. HR solutions provided by Haufe-umantis AG have been successfully used in more than 75,000 companies, including the BMW Group, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, and many more. .


As an organization that strives to stay at the forefront of software technology, Haufe-umantis AG set out to update the existing system by modernizing the Hiring Manager module. Once the module on the website was updated, Haufe-umantis AG wanted to introduce a mobile application using an iOS platform. The idea was to create an application with features which would assist the Hiring Manager responsible for the selection and recruitment process.

Given its lack of previous internal experience, Haufe-umantis AG was looking for an experienced partner who could promptly and efficiently help them develop a mobile application, which would allow the in-house team to focus on the reimplementation of the website, ensuring that both could be tested by end users.

Haufe-umantis AG decided on Atlantbh, due to the successful completion of three projects, all spanning the use of different technologies, as well as Atlantbh’s expertise in developing mobile technologies. Atlantbh had also proven to have a knack of completing projects with tight deadlines and thus could easily complete the short deadline that Haufe-Umantis had placed on the project (December 2015 to March 2016).


A detailed understanding of the existing HR module and the requirements for the mobile version, were key prerequisites for the project team to identify the project priorities, as well as define the project phases. While the client had already decided on an iOS platform, we suggested developing the application for an iOS7 platform.

The constant communication between the mobile application team, website team and the API team, was imperative for the project to succeed. Weekly meetings, between Atlantbh teams and Haufe-umantis AG teams, were necessary for the functionality, coordination, as well as for the successful management of the project requirements.


Phase 1
The first stage of the partnership involved the transfer of knowledge from Haufe-umantis to Atlantbh. Atlantbh’s team needed to get familiarized with the outgoing Hiring Manager module in Haufe-umantis AG. This included a collaborative online workshop for the product managers of the partnered organizations, which defined the functionality expected, for the first release of the mobile application.

Phase 2
The next phase brought the initial design of the product. This enabled the project team to provide an operational prototype for the client’s approval.

Phase 3
Upon the creation of the prototype, work began on the mobile application using the Scrum methodology (the preferred methodology employed by Atlantbh). Emphasis on the security and usability requirements by the clients was placed on the project during this project. Continuous integration (CI), Appium testing and manual testing were carried out during this phase.

Phase 4
The application was completed in March 2016. After completion, Haufe-umantis AG requested additional features and further changes. These changes were implemented and then given to the customers to test, for further refinement of the application’s functionality.


The main benefit for the partnership was that Atlantbh delivered the application within the required time frame.
The delivery was not only timely, but met the functionality requirements and satisfied the required security standards. Usability testing was carried out by Haufe-umantis with its customers. The project also resulted with a continuing and flourishing partnership
of Atlanbh and Haufe-umantis, on other projects.

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