Teamer’s sports club management platform hits 3,5M users, and growing fast.

Sport is one of the most important things in many people’s lives, and that was recognized by Teamer back in 2008 when they created Sports Team Managment platform aimed at helping organize and administer amateur sport teams. More than 3.5 million users in Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, New Zeland and Australia are organizing squads, scheduling games, keeping a diary of upcoming games, discussing strategies and communicating with team members.

Atlantbh started working with Teamer in a time when Teamer decided to launch a side platform called Teamer Sport, an e-commerce site offering a wide range of hand-selected sports products.

New e-commerce platform didn’t meet Teamer engineering standards.

TeamerSport was implemented using Spree, an e-commerce framework for Ruby on Rails applications with an additional Rails application on top of it. It was believed that the very slow response time of 3000ms per request was causing minimum retention among potential customers.

Teamer realized it had a mediocre platform that was not meeting its full potential and was failing to be profitable at this stage because customers left the site at the early stages of the buying process.

Lead your startup to success

Atlantbh identified both frontend and backend performance issues and created a list of planned activities so that, in each of the three Sprints, we delivered an improved and readily usable version of the platform.

In short period of time, our engineering team managed to reduce the application load time from 3000ms to 250ms – an order of magnitude improvement.

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