Symbols and Variables in Ruby

Symbols and variables are very different things in Ruby. Symbols are like strings, they’re immutable and behave like constants. All equal symbols point to the same memory location. Variables, on the other hand, are references to some objects and can reference symbols.

a = “test” // a, b variable that points to “test” string 
a = “test”
c = :test // c, d variable that points to :test symbol 
d = :test

> a.object_id == b.object_id // Strings with different instance 
> false

> c.object_id == d.object_id // All symbols are same instance 
> true

Destructuring (assignment) in JavaScript

Destructuring assignment is a syntax in JavaScript (ES6) that enables the unpacking of values from arrays and objects into separate variables.

Regular assignment

Destructured assignment


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