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October 22, 2019

Atlantbh Scholarships are back!

For the second year in a row, Atlantbh is offering scholarships to students studying in IT-related programs throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Last year, we offered 10 scholarships in 2 different categories. This year, we've decided to double up and offer 20 scholarships! (more…)
Tech Bites
September 16, 2019

JUnits 4, 5 and Contextual Components

JUnit5 vs JUnit4 JUnit5 is a successor of the JUnit4 testing framework. JUnit5 introduces some notable new features: Changes to annotations (JUnit4 -> JUnit5): @BeforeClass -> @BeforeAll @Before -> @BeforeEach @AfterClass -> @AfterAll @After -> @AfterEach @Ignore -> @Disable   Tags for tagging and filtering via @Tag  annotation Parameterized tests…
Software DevelopmentTech Bites
August 21, 2019


module.exports module.exports is an empty object and a property on the module object. Module  is a special object in NodeJS which contains information about the current module. The exports property is used to expose properties or functions of the current module. Use require to import properties from some module. // file.js…
express middleware
Software DevelopmentTech Bites
August 6, 2019

Express Middleware & Memoization

Express middleware Middleware functions are functions that have access to the request object (req ), the response object (res ), and the next function in the Express application’s request-response cycle. The next function is a function in the Express router which, when invoked, executes the middleware succeeding the current middleware in…