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Using Data to Control Test Flow
BlogQA/Test Automation
June 17, 2022

Using Data to Control Test Flow

In day-to-day automation tasks, Test Engineers have to think of different ways to write their automation tests. At the same time, while creating test automation strategies they have to think about the best way to use the existing code, and also provide new lines of code for new coverage. DRY…
Builder Pattern in Java
Software DevelopmentTech Bites
May 27, 2021

Builder Pattern in Java

Builder Pattern in Java Design patterns are very important in the world of software development, as they represent well proven and tested solutions for some specific problems and tasks. Builder pattern is one of the most popular and used design patterns in Java. It is used to create instances of…
Java generics
Software DevelopmentTech Bites
November 11, 2020

JAVA Generics

Concept of generics Java generics allows the creation of a class or a method that can be reused by different data types or objects. This reduces the need for the same implementation throughout the code. Another advantage is that the error checks are performed during the compile time, removing the…
bean validation
QA/Test AutomationTech Bites
April 22, 2020

Bean Validation in Spring

Introduction Data validation is the basic requirement for any application, especially web applications that ask for data inputs. E-mail address, age and credit card numbers are examples of input fields that could be validated since they need to have a specific format or be within some expected boundaries. This Tech…