Oops we did it again!

The world is currently changing, physical distancing is something we need to get used to, but it doesn’t mean we need to stop all our activities. Education has no limitation and we are committed to providing opportunities to enthusiastic future IT superstars – no matter what. So, when it came time to host our DevDays workshop again, we decided to go virtual.

Last week, over 30 participants took part in our Virtual DevDay workshop, a web app development workshop that gave participants the chance to see what it is like to work in a real project team on an actual project with client needs and inputs. Project teams consisted of four positions: Software Engineer, Test Engineer, UI/UX Designer, and Scrum Master/Product Owner. Of course, all the while they had support from their Atlantbh mentors.

Working smarter not harder

They worked in teams to complete tasks on the ABH Restaurant application – an app that aims to provide users with the ability to book a reservation at given restaurants easily. Tasks were concerned with providing improvements to the application, not only in terms of development but also UX/UI. Throughout the workshop, participants also received additional requests from the “client” that needed to be fulfilled, just like on a real project.

Since the application is quite large and the tasks are pretty complex, the team needed to decide on an approach: would they try to complete as much as possible without concern for quality, or would they focus on specific tasks completing them perfectly. It was great to see how different teams tackled the tasks in such a short period of time, i.e. just over 24h.

The results

It may sound cliché, but everyone was a winner. Every single one of our participants was able to learn something new, gain experience working in a mock-project-team, learn how to use new tools, meet new people, meet our amazing Atlantbh mentors and so much more. Still, we did have our overall winning team which consisted of:

Benjamin Džanović, Product Owner/Scrum Master

Ajla Panjeta, Software Engineer

Dženana Šabović, QA Engineer

Amina Tucaković, UX/UI Designer

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