We at Atlantbh place a lot of attention on our core competencies. The way we regard our Atlanters is by understanding that each and every one of us share these 5 basic competencies – Drive, Grit, Morals, Respect and Smarts. What we have found, is that though each of us has all of these 5 competencies, we feel that certain competencies are more exaggerated in people, than others, creating space for growth and improvement in the remaining competencies. Thus, in order to achieve this, we must understand all of our competencies and so this blog looks at our Smarts competency in more detail.

SMARTS – but what does that actually mean?

SMARTS in Atlantbh is regarded through an individual’s ability to easily handle themselves within different and complex situations. Atlanters are fast, capable, bright and comprehensive. They are analytical –  they analyze elements of a problem or situation systematically and logically breaking them down into smaller parts.

Foresight – looking into the future?

An Atlanter with foresight is able to clearly see the cause and consequences and is often able to foresee possible obstacles ahead of time, thus enabling them to think a few steps ahead. This means looking at the bigger picture and “thinking out of the box” to create unconventional, unexpected and unusual decisions.

Inquisitive – all of the possibilities?

An Atlanter shows Smarts by constantly inquiring and attempting to find the best possible solution possible. This means actively looking for situations in which they can learn as well as using past experiences to improve on themselves.

Constantly learning – constantly improving!

An Atlanter is very mindful of his or her knowledge. They understand how much they know and aren’t afraid of what they don’t, but rather they are focused on learning and intensively upgrading and improving their knowledge. This means integrating their new knowledge into their behaviour and sharing this knowledge with others at Atlantbh.

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