Our company team building is an annual event most Atlanters plan their vacation around. If you don’t believe me, ask them. Just like the rest of the world, we had a longer break from traveling than we like, but we made sure to make up for lost time on this year’s trip.

All Atlanters were invited on a long weekend getaway to Turkey. Yes, even those that joined the company days before the trip. Our Talent & Marketing team designed the experience and helped transform Atlanters into – Pirates! 

That’s how the Atlantbh Pirate Tales were born!

Atlantbh team building

Flyin’ Away

We make things look easy. And we continued to do so throughout the trip. Two plane rides, a boat trip, and countless bus rides later – and we have only great memories to share. We can tell you – even plane turbulence and a bumpy boat ride proved to be great when the entire team is along for the ride. Don’t ask how we know.

Team building Photo Tales


Photo Tales Aboard the Pirate Ship

Ahoy, Atlanters! Everyone took on their pirate role as soon as we stepped on our pirate ship. We had to work together to tell exciting and unique stories. What they were – we will keep that between us. We can just tell you it involved sirens, ships, pirates, and of course – Atlantbh SPF. Safety first.

Team building and the Pirate Ship


Sports Games

What do you get if you mix two teams, three sports and over forty Atlanters – Atlantbh Sports Games, of course! The teams had to work and strategize together to win a trophy. The rest of the team was cheering loudly, and the results were nerve-wracking until the very end.

Atlantbh Team building Sports Games


The Culture

Every team building helps us learn a little about ourselves and others. But when the entire company is in on the experience – the shared values and culture really shine! Our curiosity, responsibility, teamwork and love for some good fun and games came to light. 

We are proud of our culture in everyday life, but it is really something when you see so many Atlanters in one place, representing core Atlantbh values throughout the trip. It was obvious that, although every one of us is different, we have some things in common: we are responsible, work well and love to have fun together!

Until next time…

Atlantbh team building Turkey 2022

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